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Why We Choose Artificial Intelligence Telemarketing?

Telemarketing is not a new system of promotion. Since phones became popular, it has been used to contact and convince potential customers to buy products or services that might interest them. The idea behind it is simple - it targets individuals as it is easier to get the attention of customers in a personal interaction than you could in a mass targeted medium. At AI Telemarketing Singapore, we are always trying to come up with something new and innovative. And thus, the idea of artificial intelligence telemarketing. Not that it is not being used elsewhere but we persevere to give you only the best.


Human callers come with their share of baggage such as inefficiency, emotional instability, temperament, ineffectiveness, and need for leisure. With an advanced AI system, we can do away with all that at once. We make sure that our system is fed with all the information that might be needed in the course of a call. We also have technicians work on the voice modulation so that it does not sound robotic or recorded.


This has helped several sectors and industries sell their products to a greater degree than a human could. It eliminates all the drawbacks of a human and only retains what’s useful.

Call Center Headset
Call Center Headset

Who Operates An Artificial Intelligence Call Centre?

An artificial intelligence call center does not mean it will not have any humans around. In fact, it is the humans who feed data into the computer and update them as and when needed. We have the best technicians and engineers who help us make the system more sophisticated with each passing day. New data is fed every day and we are constantly looking to upgrade our system with every feedback and glitch that might come our way. We have only excluded humans from taking calls but all the brains behind the AI remain to be very much flesh and blood.

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