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Choosing the Right Outsource Call Centre Singapore

Telemarketing is one of the most used marketing strategies across the world. It involves reaching out to people on their cell phones and trying to sell the company’s products. There are several call centre services in Singapore but statistics will tell you that the number of sales made through most of them is not very impressive. The medium is an extremely useful one but can work if only used properly.


In a time when technology has advanced so much that AI is being used for almost every operation, most telemarketers still rely on human resources for their sales. This could be one of the major reasons why your telemarketing partner fails to give you sales. We, at AI Telemarketing, use Artificial Intelligence for cold calling Singapore. There are several reasons why we have opted for AI and done away with humans for this purpose. This, however, does not mean that we do not have human beings working around computers. They are responsible for more intricate and complex job descriptions of updating the AI and taking positions when absolutely needed. After all, the best outsource call centre Singapore must be able to make a substantial amount of sales for your company.

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On the Phone

Reason Why AI Works the Best for Call Centre Service in Singapore

To have the most efficient call center service in Singapore, one must stop relying on human forces alone. They can be unproductive or efficient if not monitored well. This requires another tier of employees to watch over them. People need leaves and holidays to be with their family members and friends but with AI, you need not take a day off and your product can be sold even on Christmas. AI is not emotionally affected and can take rejection better than humans. You need not hold meetings constantly to explain the flaws and drawbacks. Our implementation of AI has made our place in the top 10 call centres in Singapore.

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