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Outsourcing is much in
Demand: Singapore

A Singaporean Company Has a Competitive Advantage through Talent outsource call centre Singapore in a Market with 1% Unemployment. That is how things are right now in Singapore. Since unemployment is above one percent, it has become extremely difficult to find and afford the skills required.


We provide outsource call centre in Singapore and telemarketing services to help you connect with potential clients. All of our telemarketers are locals who have received specialized training on how to make a good first impression over the phone. We are one of the few call centers with a 100 percent local workforce.


Business Development Contracted Out

We offer outsource call centre Singapore face-to-face business development services for B2B requirements, including door-to-door solicitation and direct selling. We will plan, develop, and assist you in increasing your direct sales revenue in order to fulfil your revenue growth needs.


Company Consultancy

We offer business consulting services in the areas of corporate financing, mergers & acquisitions, and fund raising for your cash flow requirements. In order to assist you in building and expanding your sales teams, we also provide sales management advisory services.

Dialing a Number
Robot hand
Touch Screen


Local freelancers were used by 1st outsource telemarketing singapore to complete the task. Freelancers, he claimed, would ignore all of his correspondence for weeks on end. Unfortunately, this resulted in significant issues with job quality, missed deadlines, poor communication, and even failure to finish the project.


Naturally, these issues impacted the business's capacity to provide clients with work.


Problem solved by outsourcing talent Acquisition

A Singapore-based service provider that works with clients to find hybrid offshore jobs, was engaged by outsourcing call centre Singapore. Sales and marketing director at Businetic. "Our goal is to provide small-to-medium-sized (SME) organizations with the advantages Fortune 500 corporations’ experience, but without the initial expense and ongoing commitment."


Easy Lead Generation with Powerful Telemarketing Improve Yours by Going Beyond


  1. We offer business consulting to help our clients create plans for locating and interacting with key decision-makers.

  2. To increase the number of appointments generated, we collaborate with our clients to create successful call scripts.

  3. We offer our clients high-quality databases and leads so they may concentrate on sales activity.

  4. You may be sure that all calls are of a high caliber and are authentic because we record and report on each and every phone call.


Service Provider

The service of outsource call centre Singapore assists its clients in hiring sales, IT, creative, and administrative staff. The provider manages the majority of facets of HR management, including payroll and benefits, in addition to sourcing the personnel (the truly difficult part).

AI Telemarketer is an outbound telemarketing service provider with a focus on appointment setting and B2B sales calls.

Since our inception, we have collaborated with a large number of clients in the region. Great customer service starts with outsource call centre Singapore and continues with knowledgeable, approachable staff, which is why we take great care to only hire the best individuals to join our team.

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